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Royal Wealth Financial

Royal Wealth Financial is a fast growing company where our expert and professionally trained agents are ready to help families with a full review of their current household financials to provide FREE consultation in Debt Management, Income and Asset Protection, Investment, Kids Education Planning, RESP, Retirement Planning, RRSP, Corporate Estate Transfer, Disability, Critical Illness, Travel Insurance and Super Visa, Group Employee Benefit, Funeral Planning and Will preparation, and much more.

We are a hybrid company where we are either in the office or working remotely to be able to provide agents work/life balance and more importantly to be able to meet clients based on client’s preference online or in person..

We collaborate with many trusted financial companies accessing unlimited products and services which allows us to bring you the best plan meeting your financial requirements at the best rate available in the market. Working with companies that you trust also allows us to help any client with any health condition and financial situation.

ACT NOW! Protect your income, your asset, your family and build a strong wealth for your retirement and leave a legacy for the ones you love the most!

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Insurance Services

Life is never fair! Life hits us hard unexpectedly. We need to ensure that our current or future spouse and children are capable of being financially secured if anything were happen to us.

There are many different types of plans when it comes to Insurance Services. Depending on what your financial needs are, our expert team will bring you coverage for Term, Whole Life, Universal Life Insurance; Assets and income replacement Insurance, Retirement, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance, Group Benefit Insurance, Travel and Supervisa Insurance and much more customized just for you at the very competitive rate. We provide fast application submission and approval.

Investments Services

Royal Wealth Financial collaborates with more than 30 trusted investment companies such as Equitable, ivari, Industrial Alliance, CPP, La Capitale, Fidelity, Manulife, MacKenzie, and much more to bring you variety of investment types such as RRSP, RESP, TFSA, Whole Life, Universal Life with cash accumulated plan and more options to choose from.

Our expert agents will study your current financial status and educate you on the best plans available which meet your financial needs at the competitive rate.

Mortgage & Loan Services

Choosing a mortgage, renewing your mortgage, paying off your mortgage faster and more can all be done in Royal Wealth Financial.

Royal Wealth Financial collaborates with the most trusted major banks to provide you with the best Mortgage rate and loans.

We shop around for you and educate you on the available products before making any decisions. Once you are comfortable with the plan and rate you are presented to, the rest is on us to get it approved.

Auto & Home Insurance Services

After purchasing a home or a car and before being able to live in the house or drive the car, you need to have a proper insurance product in place.

If you are looking for single or multiple insurance products, such as residential insurance (including home, condo or tenant) and car(s), and/or motorcycle insurance, you should consider bundling these products to take advantage of savings of 10% to 15% on your yearly insurance cost. These products can be purchased for yourself and/or your spouse and/or all ones living in the same household.

Accounting Services

Personal and Corporate Income Tax

We provide the Canada residents and businesses with a variety of tax services, including income from employment, rental income, contract income, old age benefits, capital gains, and income from stock market, appeals, limited partnerships, corporation and more.

 We are proud of our ability to micro-manage personal tax cases when dealing with businesses of all sizes. We will advise you on tax compliance and tax planning to maximize your deductibles make wise investment decisions from a tax perspective and offer quality general taxing advice.

Real State Services

Find the perfect home in & around the GTA with a local agent or any where in Ontario. Book home tours on demand.

Filter by home type, price, bedrooms & baths. Our expert agents will assist you to meet your Real Estate needs on Hi-Rises, Residential, Rental Investment Properties, Commercials, Cottages, and Lands.

Our agent Real Estate knowledge is implacable and will help clients to find their perfect property in all aspect.

22 million Canadians have life insurance coverage, totalling $5 trillion. 58%
Living policyholders Over 90% of benefit payments went to living policyholders. 90%
26 million Canadians have supplementary health insurance. 68%
Individual policies Over eighty per cent of life insurance premiums are paid to purchase individual policies. 80%

Take care of your family. We offer professional assistance only!

Contact us for more information about our services.

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    Got coverage on my new house mortgage from Royal Wealth. Super fast process, confidential and peace of mind. Thank you for your help and I am sure I will be back to plan for my son’s education with them.

    Doug Ramsey

    Doug Ramsey

    Criminal Lawyer

    I had a pleasure of getting advise from a great advisor and her team in Royal Wealth Financial on my investment and how to protect my mortgage, and leave a legacy for my children. She was very knowledgeable and friendly made me feel comfortable and easily trust her to open up on the details of my financial needs. She first did a financial analysis to identify what my financial needs were, educated me on what would be bigger issues if I don’t take care of them , and then introduced a few different plans from different financial companies to compare. Based on my requirements and what works best for me, I picked the solution that suited me the best and we customized it together. The application was quick and friendly. I never had any financial advisor providing service in this detailed and professionally putting my needs and requests first. I highly recommend Mahsa and her team as financial advisor for any of your financial needs.

    Sara	Garcia

    Sara Garcia

    School Teacher

    My understanding from financial companies used to be was that majority of them tried to sell a product to you regardless if you need them or not! Once I decided try Royal Wealth Financial for my financial needs, it changed my whole perspective as with their expert agents each individual brought different expertise to put together a 360 degrees view for my Financials. One shop place for everything from my mortgage protection, disability, retirement planning, kids education plan and even parents travel insurance to savings and investment all were taken care of in one company. Was very convenient to be able to pick and choose which product provider to deal with. Customize the plan and make it as my own to meet all my financial needs. I highly recommend them

    Bessie Sanders

    Bessie Sanders

    Production Manager

    The amount of education I have received without being pushed to purchase any product is priceless in this place. Very happy with my decision.

    Doug Ramsey 2

    Doug Ramsey 2

    Criminal Lawyer


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