About Us

About Us

Royal Wealth Financial is a fast growing company with over 15 plus years experience in finance. Our expert, professionally trained agents are ready to help families with a 360 degrees view of clients’ household financials to provide free consultation to be able to establish debt management, income and asset protection, investment, kids education planning, retirement planning, disability, medical and dental benefits and much more.

We collaborate with more than 30 financial companies accessing unlimited product and services which allows us to be able to help any client with any health condition and financial situation.

We are a hybrid company where we are either in the office or working remotely to be able to provide agents work/life balance and more importantly to be able to meet clients based on client’s preference online or in person.

Perfect Team

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Insurance 95%
Investments 100%
Mortgage & Loan 98%
Take care of your family

Royal Wealth Financial for your child's future

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