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Ask yourself these questions first:

• Am I on track for your retirement?
• How much money do I need to be able to retire with the same life style you have today?
• Will Government Retirement Benefit cover all my needs when I retire?
• How much am I saving on a monthly basis?

As advised by financial advisors, anyone needs to have 10 times of your annual income to meet your insurance needs and 20 times of your income for retirement, For example, if your annual income is $50,000 per year, you need $500,000 of life insurance and $1,000,000 for retirement.

Have you accumulated enough money for your retirement?

What sources of income will you have?

• Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP)
• Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIC)
• Old Age Security (OAS)
• Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
• Tax Free Saving Account (TFSA)

Answer these questions:

• Do you know which plan fits my needs and how I can apply for them and when?
• With the number of retirees increasing, what might happen to these programs?
• How much am I expected to receive?
• Would that amount cover my needs at the retirement?
• Where to invest my money to grow safe and gives maximum return?
• What do I need to know beyond my investment growth?

A Financial Needs Analysis can give you a clear and overall picture of your sources of retirement income.

Our expert Financial Advisors can assist you to pick the best retirement plan based on your financial needs analysis procedure. We consult with you the details of each plans to help you make a better decision for your current and future financial needs.

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