Accounting Services

We are committed to providing tax services for persons and businesses, in a reliable and affordable manner, with quality and excellence.

“Our philosophy of lean accounting aims to minimize your tax payments via accepted accounting practices to ensure that your business accounting practices direct your company forward, not hold it back.”

Our services must meet the needs of our clients. Our facilities must provide a relaxing environment that our clients enjoy coming to. Our aim is to assist our clients in their business, give them value at a fair price, and provide information on a timely basis.


We would like you to speak to us. We can help you get your business to where you want it to be!

Your needs may include tax planning and compliance, organizational structure of your business to facilitate growth levels, or ways to ensure long-term sustainability of your business. Whatever they are, we believe we can help.

We will pass on our advice, and do our best to ensure that the desirable results for your company are within reach. Our professionals will make your company’s goals financially manageable without over-stretching or under-utilizing your resources and potential.

We see each business relationship as a partnership and have invested interest and stake in your company’s success.

Our Services:

Personal Tax Returns
Business Tax Returns
Corporate Tax Returns
Financial Statements
WSIB Issues
Tax Planning
GST/HST Returns
Internal Control Consulting
Business Plan Development, and Business Consulting

We are dedicated to provide valued accounting and advisory services to our clients on time and at a fair price.

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